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Производитель технических жидкостей для автомобилей и спецтехники
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Long meetings
Sometimes you spend too much time gathering colleagues, discussing problems and making boards.
Overloaded mailbox
Sometimes your mailbox is full of correspondence from all the team and customers.
Chaotic information
There are always a million of tasks collected together and you can not decide what to start with.
Адаптивная вёрстка
It does not matter whether you use Laptop, any tablet or phone — it works great everywhere. Now you can be aware of everything about the projects wherever you are.
Лёгкое управление сайтом
Each bord is responsible for a specific phase of the project. Clear interface will help you to stay focused and organize your time.
Проделанные работы
It saves your time
Just open the Docket and begin with quick start. All you need is saved here.
Teammate is aware
Create common boards with the team and stay connected
Work with any device
Docket interface is responsive. It is possible to stay connected even by phone
Always connected
Invite others to review your mockups by sharing the link with them via any communication tool.
Clear interface
Docket is so simple. There is no need to tell them how to use it. They simply do.
Minimize meetings
Discuss feedback in context, complete tasks, updates designs in seconds.
They use Dockets for their progress
I have a very busy schedule and I am away on business often. Now I can be aware of working processes in my office even being miles away from the city. And being in a contact with everybody just working online.
Monique Bastien
Product manager, SNT
I work in a big corporation, it is harder for me to keep all process in a control. So this is a splendid service for all my team to see all tasks on one board! We communicate, comment, we control!
Samanta Wine
Co Founder Alima Press
Стоимость проекта
Some plans include unlimited collaborators, unlimited common folders and unlimited board sharing. 30 days free trial. No credit card required.
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